Monday, July 19, 2010

MAAU = 'Must All Account (be) Unveiled?'

Surprise! surprise!.

Yesterday, I received an email from someone who I consider as friend. He said that I am in danger of turning my blog exclusively for badminton. He said that its better if I expose more wrongdoings in other sports associations too.

Understood sir. Okay, lets start with something else. Why not we train our sight towards Malaysia Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU).

To be precise, the Standard Chartered KL Marathon which was 'organised' by MAAU recently.

I would like to ask few questions to MAAU, and the 'real organisers' .

I found it puzzling that for such a big event, no one really know the true figures of monies being made. Apparently, transparency is not the order of the day. I was told that Standard Chartered gave around RM1.5 million for the right to be the title sponsor.

Other sponsors also chipped in, either in term of money or kind. For argument sake, lets just say all that amounted to around RM1.75 million.

This year, as acknowledged by the organisers, about 15,000 runners took part. One runner's entry fee is about RM50. So, 15,000 X RM50 = RM750,000.00. Combined both figures, we get a solid number of RM2.5 million.

Lets minus the cost of running the event. Lets estimate it at RM1 million. Believe me, that figure is already very high. But never mind.

All that will leave us with RM1.5 million. And how much of that profits goes to MAAU? RM500,000.00! Only 33.33 percent! What happened to another 66.66 percent?!

This is another case of sports association being run by 'clever people' who let other people take the big chunk of profits. Just like BAM and the ING sponsorship which I highlighted before. there a hidden agenda somewhere...With no transparency, it means that no one will really know who pocketed how much, right?

I am guessing here. Maybe little bit of speculation too. So, anyone with credible info, please help me in this, ya!


Anonymous said...

Dear Plain & Simple,Rather than just aim you guns at sports body like BAM I think you should also train your guns on MAAU, which you are doing now.
No one dare to probe that institution call OCM, do you dare to thread where angles fear to thread? Every knows there is something wrong there but no more dare to go into that nest of hornets.

bekas Octogon Asia said...

Tanya Rizal Hashim lah.

Anonymous said...

Rizal Hashim pun tak dapat buat apa apa dengan Seah kochi tu.

Anonymous said...

Rizal Hashim dengan Golazo la