Saturday, July 24, 2010

One year!

On this day, last year, I started this blog. It's been a long year, with so many happenings.

There were many things that I had highlighted. Good and bad. Many stories in our local sporting scene which captured my attention. Along the way, few friends had turned into foes, many acquantainces have in fact become my friends.

I will try my best to remain true to the original idea when starting this blog - to highlight issues which I deemed as important, without fear of repercussions or bowing to favours from interested parties.

Its not easy, I must admit. There were 'interesting incidents' such when I was 'threatened' by people who dont like what I wrote. People who said things like 'I can put him in trouble because I know his boss' etc etc.

Well, what can I say. I say things as I see it. Plain and simple. If you feel that you have done nothing wrong, there's nothing to worry. But if you are in the wrong, please don't try to intimidate me. The truth, even when it's being hidden six feet deep, will always find its way to the surface.

For all my readers, thank you. I appreciate the interest shown towards my blog.

Here's hoping for many interesting years ahead! Thank you


rizal hashim said...

congrats sam president...more to come i guess

Haresh Deol said...

HD says: Time flies man. Keep on writing :)