Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The EPL clubs are coming!

I would like to apologize for my failure to update this blog for a very long time. Many things happened, many issues surfaced and many other commitments emerged and need to be prioritised.

The main thing is that I am back and will try to update this blog as often I as can.

The time has come once again for the arrival of English Premier League clubs to our shore. Malaysian fans could consider ourselves lucky because every year, there's at least one club who will make Malaysia their destination.

This year, we are lucky times three. Three EPL giants - Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal, have confirmed their trips to Malaysia. And all thanks to event promoter, ProEvents.
All this to coincide with Proevents 10 years anniversary in Malaysia. The first team they brought in when ProEvents first made their mark in Malaysia? Manchester United. I just joined FAM at that time and had the 'pleasure' of directing Sir Alex Ferguson to leave the field after the warm up sessions just before the game started.

Got the pix to prove it too! :-)
This time, I am even more excited because my team, Liverpool, is also coming. So stay tuned.
And the bestest of all, I do believe that our National Team will - this time - give a good account of themselves. Because we are the champions of Southeast Asia!