Thursday, July 29, 2010

FAM in legal troubles?

The focus might be centered on the on-going campaigns by various individuals jockeying for top positions in the upcoming FA of Malaysia election, this Saturday.

But this is the latest info that I heard. Apparently, FAM is involves in some legal tussles.

I heard that FAM had been served with some court papers with regards to some unpaid monies owed to their former general secretary, Datuk Dell Akbar Khan. I also heard that FAM had decided to fight this one head-on. The national body had apparently hired one of the top law firm in the country to handle this case.

FAM had been dragged into some mess before. Remember their sacking of former national coach, B Sathianathan? I heard that it was settled amicably between the two parties. I also heard that, barring any last minute compromises, Azraai Khor might decide to go the same way and bring his 'premature termination' to court.

Datuk Dell? Apparently he was not being paid his dues during his tenure as General Secretary from 2000 until early 2005.

Can't comment much. Dont want to put myself in trouble. Anyone with some reliable info and confirmation, please enlighten me, okay?


rizal hashim said...

Apa ni tak dak info pun

Anonymous said...

baik u find out from your god father

Sam member said...

I agree with saudara Rizal ....there is no information. If you are a journalist, traditional or new media, write la properly...if takut don't write.....

Anonymous said...

Semua orang tau Dato' Dell adalah seorang yang berpangkat dan dikenali ramai. Tapi sayang FAM tidak langsung menjaga kebajikan pekerja yang berkhidmat dengannya begitu jua Persatuan Negeri yang hanya mementingkan diri sendiri.

Pekerjaan FAM pun sama juga Renung2kanla.............

Ahmad Khawari Isa said...

Dear SAM member,

That's why I said that 'this is what I HEARD'...I could not confirm it..

I never said that my posting is the fact. I wrote from what I heard. I could not confirmed something that is not yet confirmed, bro..

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog..