Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Journalist vs Blogger

What is the difference between a blogger and a journalist?

Whilst journalist will have to be go through his editor, who act as his 'gatekeeper', before his news is published, blogger does not have such 'restrictions.'

I am, again, skating on thin ice here. Because blogging is something that is widely accepted now.

It just that, being someone who was raised in the nitty gritty of the traditional media before I embarked onto the blogosphere, I am 'concerned and worried' about the 'half-truths' that had been dished out by certain quarters lately.

I am not against gossip or whatever bits of news that you heard from the grapevine. I did that too. But before I post something, I normally will do my own checking first.

Just that lately, there are bloggers who simply post something which they casually heard. Or commenting, making stand, influencing or even criticising based on what they would like to believe.

Take, for example, trip by technical group comprised of reps from National Sports Council, Football Association of Malaysia and Ministry of Education to Everton football academy to check out the place, last month.

That trip was quickly branded as a waste of money, that Malaysia should not pick Everton, with one pundit - who obviously doesn't have much information on the topic - quickly wants to be clever and suggested that 'Barcelona is the better destination!'.

Let me ask you something - when you want to buy a car, what you normally do? You go to the showroom and have a good look at it first, right? How about if you want to marry someone? You check the person out, too, right?

So, if that's the case, why must certain quarters make a lot of noise when something is still just at the 'merisik' (finding out) stage? Unless they have hidden agendas which require all 'that noise' in order to realise it!.

To make it worse, little birds whisper to me that at Everton was never a shoo-in. Everton was just a few of the places which are being scrutinised. At the end, Everton might not be the one at all.

But I can also foresee that this certain quarters, if its true that Everton will not be the one, will claim credit that they ACTUALLY prevented the choice.

This is the beauty of blogosphere.

You can criticise something that not yet existed, crucify people whose sins were just to lead the 'merisik' delegation and then claim credit for something which is NOT supposed to happen in the first place! FANTASTIC!!!

Let's be objective, la.

That's why, for all the clamours of the modern era and freedom that the blogosphere provides, it has not won the battle of credibility that still tilts towards the traditional media.


rizal hashim said...

well i don't know about other bloggers but when it comes to the everton project, I was dead set against it simply because it had been done before. in 2005, Azalina Othman Said agreed to have everton conducting coaching clinics as a preamble to a bigger project.

then when i was given a clearer picture of the everton programme, i was still skeptical but was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. i got to know FAM will have an input through Lim Kim Chon.

What we do not want is for the powers-that-be hammer the project down our throats when there are questions raised.

i for one would prefer an arrangement with a country or club that has a track record. In terms of producing players, no country can beat France.

France not only produce French players, but most African stars today went through the system in Fance, notably Didier Drogba and Michael Essien.

Holland continue to produce players but calibre not as high as the French. Spain, Barcelona, for example, has La Masia but catering for elite athletes and I dont think they have time to have a grassroot programme with other countries.

What we do not want is for the officials who visited Everton prepare a working paper to be rubber stamped by the committee of which you are a member of...

as for blogger v journalist, a journalist can become a blogger but a blogger with no journalistic background can never be a journalist.

but again blogging gives you certain liberties, where you can speculate and create rumours based on conjectures. another thing, blogging invites feedback, fast. whether or not you have the balls to allow the comments contradictory to your postings, well....

sukasukan said...

Salam bro.
Tak nk sentuh pasal everton la, boring citer pasal bola ni, skrg dok tunggu world cup start je.

tp i tertarik dgn komen rizal hashim : "another thing, blogging invites feedback, fast. whether or not you have the balls to allow the comments contradictory to your postings, well...."

menarik cos i nk comment pasal satu blogger tu - Malaysian Sports (Ssdhaliwal)...so mmg betul la, he aint got balls baby.

p/s: org slalu masuk tgn dlm kocek cos he's playing wth his balls.

Anonymous said...

ye la stwan asyik tembak orang tapi tak bagi kita komen dalam blog dia. kata telus. telus terus bro?? ada bayar baru tulis