Friday, October 30, 2009

Politics vs sports...good luck

To say I was disappointed was an understatement.

I was actually disgusted when the Supreme Council of Malaysian Games (Sukma) decided to put politics above sports by allowing requests to add nine more sports, plus two additional events, into next year's games programs. Read my 'report', here.

To hell with the main objective of Sukma - 'to unearth potential young talents for the future national teams.' How about 'ensuring quality competition' for the athletes? Just throw it down the drain, mister!

Yesterday was a classic example where the powers-that-be decided to kow-tow to 'political influence' and putting sports in the 'far, far away land.'

Did you know, Sir, that from the nine sports that were included in the program, majority of them didn't even have state associations in proper working order? Did you know, Sir, that majority of them didn't even have proper offices, what more venues where they can call their own? Ask Datuk Zolkples Embong, Director General of National Sports Council. He knows!

And you know what you did, Sir? With the latest stand - which I am sure you made without even checking the previous decisions - you had embarrassed the previous man-in-power, for he was the one responsible in trying to check the decline in quality by imposing limits for number of sports in Sukma?

And how about Datuk Zol? But did you know, Sir, that last December, Datuk Zol chaired the meeting when the same committee decided to 'REJECT' the appeal of sports which are now in the program. He was even involved in a 'war of words' of some sort in the newspapers to defend the decision. You can check the past articles in several news organisation online services, if you don't believe me, Sir!

I know it was not easy to say no to 'powerful personality' who previously aspires to become the number two man in the country. But for heaven's sake, you are the man in charge!

Like the Malay saying 'terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata padah akibatnya.' Now, lo and behold, the new dates proposed by Malacca - the organiser - and approved by the council, happens to clash with the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

Ops! why bother!...'We change again, lah.' Its what being flexible is about, right Sir?

And they say politics have no place in sports! Good Luck...


Anonymous said...

they will say:
1) tourist attraction to sukma is more important then development of athletes.

2) World Cup market is different market if compared with sukma

Anonymous said...

SUKMA is more glamorous than the World Cup. Rakyat Malaysia definitely will choose SUKMA to World Cup. News papers, medias, TVs & Radios in Malaysia all will be focused to SUKMA compared to World Cup. So what's the issue? So we must congrats the J/Kuasa Tertinggi Sukma for these magnifique’ decision which is... Plain and simple i see it, esp to the...u know who ...


Anonymous said...

Bro khawari,

Bertambahlah peningnya sukan di Malaysia ni.

Tahniahlah kepada semua ...
Hantam sajalah Labuuuuu.

Pak Ku Baling said...

Super duper dumber..
tak serik-serik depa nie..
malaih sungguh nk habaq tp kena habaq mai jgak, mcm makcik jiran kt kampung selalu kata : Depa nie elok masuk rancangan Raja Lawak, biaq org politik tgk depa buat lwk, nk duit mintak org htr sms bg naik undi...
jenuh org nk buat kerja nnt woi!!!hangpa tau ckp ja tp jarang turun padang tgk pemain.