Thursday, October 22, 2009

'Weighty fiasco'

Imagine my surprise when I saw this photo in Kosmo newspaper, today.
This photo captured the heated moment between Weightlifting Federation of Malaysia (WMF) President, Datuk Wira Gan Boon Leong (left) and Penang Amatur Weightlifting Association (PAWA) President, Datuk Ong Poh Eng, in full view of media personnel covering the function.

The issue? PAWA, in collaborations with Penang Youth and Sports Exco office, organised the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championship 2009 without the consent of WMF, the parent body.

I lauded the effort to bring quality exponents to our country, and to allow our young weightlifters chances to compete with them. But at the same time, we must understand and respect rules that should serve as guidance to all.

In the first place, for MWF to claim ignorance until only when president received invitation to attend the championship, is shocking. There surely were lots of 'noises' made during the whole time the organisers busy trying to get all the things together. Am I to believe that WMF is totally in the dark? No 'kaki' to inform them at all?

And how come PAWA can issue invitation letters to all participating countries without mentioning WMF name and WMF not knowing it?

I do believe that, just like all other international sports bodies, the weightlifting world body recognises WMF as their official representative in Malaysia, and other member countries will only send their exponents after getting the confirmation that the championship is approved and consented by WMF.

Don't tell me that this is the case of the 'son trying to outdo the father?'...And they never really think about the consequences that might befall our young weightlifters?

As of now, if this fiasco is not settled wisely, there exists possibility that our young weightlifters - nurtured by backup program in National Sports Council (NSC) - will face sanction for taking part in the 'illegal' championship. Think about it!

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