Monday, August 10, 2009

Pahang - Privileged and Protected?

Latest rumour that emerged from FAM corridors is that Pahang - the President's state team - will be saved for the third time when ONLY ONE (1) team will be relegated from Super League to the Premier League, next season.

The proposal will also see three teams from Premier League promoted to the top league.

For the record, Pahang was second from bottom when 2009 Super League concluded recently. Based on current competitions rules, TWO TEAMS will be relegated to the second tier league.

This proposal was linked to FAM Competitions Department. Competitions Committee Chairman, Datuk Che Mat Jusoh, apparently was informed and he does not register any objections.

Honestly, if this bit of info is true, it will be a clear evidence of FAM insensitivity towards public. They don't care what the football-loving public says and it's further strengthen the embarrasing 'you scratch my back, I scratch yours' culture n the national body.

Maybe it's about time National Sports Council - which has been funding FAM to a tune of several million ringgits per year - look into this 'excellent culture.'

And Sports Minister, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek (pix) to finally tackle something serious like the addressing the ills in FAM, instead of giving advice to badminton players - who, by the way, are frequent fliers, on how to do stretching in the plane.

Need I remind you, Datuk, about what New Zealand's General Manager of High Performance, Sports and Recreation, Mr Martin Toomey, said during Malaysian Sports Industry Convention (KISMAS), last weekend, on the importance of 'placing QUALITY people in influential roles' in sports associations?
Now is the time, sir!


Yob Kidal said...

Jangan lupa bukan Mat Jusoh saja yang main peranan... tapi orang-orang tingkat tiga wisma FAM pun sama sebahat. Lebih lebih lagi bila kontrak setahun bakal tamat pada bulan 9 ni. Paham-paham udah le yob...

uknowmela! said...

secara kebetulan fam nak ubah format, dan setiap kali itu lah pahang berada di bawah...mungkin nasib pahang selalu baik kot......
...anak pahang!