Monday, August 3, 2009

The end of clubs in top league?

Officially, details for the 2010 M-League format were discussed briefly in the session conducted today, with representatives from State FAs given an extra week to digest proposals by Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) Competitions Department.

Unofficially, I was told that a drastic proposal - which is to demote all clubs from top tier league and confine them to play amongst themselves in the second division league - was discussed at length by gathering which consist primarily from State FAs.

The top tier league - a name will be proposed soon to replace 'Super League' - will see all state teams, including Sarawak and Pahang which are supposed to be demoted after finishing as bottom two teams in the just-concluded Super League, keeping their places automatically.

But in a move designed to appease the clubs, FAM will allow them to hire foreign players for the second tier competition.

Honestly, this is not the first time 'FAM affiliates' try to sideline clubs to protect their interest. If I am not mistaken, there was a proposal, either for last year's competition or for this season, to bar clubs from taking part in the Malaysia Cup competition.

Luckily, this is still just a proposal. But if what I heard is true - that no clubs will be invited for the second 'brainstorming session' on the 15th August - it could possible that this 'drastic proposal' will be given the green light.

Will this be the right thing to do? Will keeping the clubs out from top competitions help State FAs to be more competent in handling their affairs? By paying players' salary on time? Settling debts to EPF and Inland Revenue Board?

My fear is that FAM is trying to come up with cure which is not relevant to the disease. Like giving a flu jab to a man suffering from gout!


Anonymous said...

FAM needs revolution.What ever resolution they have they still come back to the same idea and proposal. They should open up their mind as if that they are now running a company. Business is bad whether to continue or not to continue.If continue you will be declared bankrupt. So renung renungkan lah wahai state FA terutama Gen. Sec.anda sentiasa dibayangi hutang EPF, LHDN dll.

uknowmela! said...

a man suffering from gout is you bro! the way we must expect the unexpected from fam. yes this is not the first time they try to protect state fa's interest and kill the clubs..our football going nowhere as long as this kind of people running the how to change fam from the top?

Anonymous said...

goodness me. the twist gets even crazier. are these guys beginning to lose the plot already mate?

i pity these guys who worked they arses off at harimau muda who were denied the promotion and prize money in order to save some faces at the top.

Anonymous said...

Jangan menafikan sumbangan kelab dalam pembangunan bolasepak kita.
Dari segi kewangan pula, Johor FC, KM Naza, KL Plus lebih kukuh kedudukannya berbanding sesetengah pasukan negeri.

Pembodek-pembodek tak usah bersusah payah untuk mempertahankan Pahang!

Anonymous said...

Bro, FAM semakin nazak!! 2 Timbalan Presiden kaki ampu 4 Naib Presiden kuat merapu!!

Anonymous said...

anon 2.57 pm,

Kalau 2 DP kaki ampu, 4 VP kaki merapu, SU agung kaki apa?