Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ambush, the 'Malaysian sports' way!

I know how does it feel to be 'ambushed'. I just 'kena' one few days ago. It was a horrible feeling. When you lost your bearings, not even knowing whether you could ever trust someone again.

But then, one thing that I learn from it is that, nothing is sweeter than when you able to stage a comeback and initiate your own 'ambush' move.

That's what I did. Victorious or not? Its different matter altogether.

Why I mentioned 'ambush'? There's few things that's been happening in the Malaysian sports scene which were akin to an act of ambush.

Misbun issue is one. He 'ambushed' BAM at the right time and the right moment. There's many people with many theories, but for me, Misbun knew the importance of timing and execute the 'ambush' perfectly. I dont want to go into the motives behind it, but I salute him for executing the 'right ambush.'

But it was a different story with MAAU and its deputy president, Karim Ibrahim. He must learn from Misbun on how to stage an 'ambush' la.

Why I say that? Because his attempt to 'ambush' National Sports Council with the announcement to move the training base of our national athletes from Bukit Jalil to Ranau, Sabah, was not a clever one.

He said that its for altitude training, but Ranau was not even as high as Genting Highlands. He said the place has good facilities, but do anyone believe there's exist better place than NSC in this country for the athletes?

And to top it all off, everyone know that all this while, MAAU office bearers are too busy with their politicking. And NSC is the one funding all their athletes all this while. They say they can find the RM3 million to fund the 'Ranau escapade'? Come on la!

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rizal hashim said...

Staging an ambush requires a lot of legwork. Knowing when to deliver the knockout blow is crucial to the whole process. timing is imperative. and staging an ambush and being ambushed are all part of the process of becoming more mature in our thinking. all the best bro...