Friday, January 21, 2011

Going solo? Not as easy as A,B,C

When Misbun sent his resignation letter, Lee Chong Wei threathened to follow suit. And then suddenly, Hafiz Hashim confessed that he, too, had sent letter to resign from the national badminton team.

Misbun reasons? Until now, no official version of why he wants to quit. Chong Wei? He has not make up his mind. The only indication is that, if Misbun leaves, he will most likely walk out the door, too.

Hafiz? Now, this is a surprise. His reasoning? He believes that by becoming an independent player, he will be able to raise him game. To be honest, I have my doubts. For me, leaving BAM might also signal the end of Hafiz badminton career.

Maybe Hafiz should digest the statement by Indonesia's Taufik Hidayat:

'Saya rasa lebih enak (selesa) di dalam (persatuan). Semuanya diuruskan persatuan dan kita hanya perlu fokus kepada latihan. Jika menang, insentif tambahan turut disediakan dan kita tidak perlu bimbang dengan masa depan...'

(I think its more comfortable in the Association. All is being taken care by the association and we only need to focus on training. If we win, additional incentive is also offered and we dont have to worry too much about our future".

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