Friday, September 11, 2009

Young gamblers?

Finally, it took Hendrawan (pix) to say what has been an 'open secret' in the national badminton team.

"Our players are only thinking of competing in tournaments without having to put much effort into the preparation. And if they lose, the defeat does not affect them greatly. This mind-set has to change."

This scenario is actually something that has been allowed 'to prosper' for quite some time.

I am not pointing fingers at BA of Malaysia, but the governing body also cannot be totally absolved from the blame.

This 'tidak apa attitude' is, sadly, very evident amongst the back-up players. While Lee Chong Wei and the top shuttlers are giving their best in training and competitions, the same cannot be said about several youngsters who are merely fond of travelling to various tournaments, but couldn't care less about their performance on court.

I also heard whispers from local badminton fraternity that there were several backup players who spent more of their time in casinos in Macau after defeats in early rounds than spending time to analyse reasons behind their disappointment. True?

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