Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sports as unifying force!

I am baffled, saddened and shocked with the latest happening in our beloved country.

People condemning each other, defaming and 'kutuking' each other just because we dont share the same opinion and ideology. It is indeed very sad.

With the possibility of KL being engulfed by possible clashes of protesters the weekend of 9th July, I would like to appeal to fellow Malaysians to remember the many factors that make us special in the eyes of the world.

We are multi racial country, with Ahmad, Lim and Mutusamy living in harmony. We should not incite hatred just because we are different. We should celebrate the differences that make Malaysia so beautiful.

There are many factors that could unite us. One of the best example is, of course, sports.

I remember reading how supporters from different political divide put their differences aside,while campaigning for one by-election, to together watch Lee Chong Wei play against Lin Dan in the final of the 2008 Olympics.

Or how Malaysians from all walk of life - be it CEOs, officers, clerks taxi drivers, tea ladies etc - were overjoyed when our national football team emerged as the champions of Southeast Asia!

Lets show the solidarity as Malaysians by supporting our National Olympics Team when they take on Lebanon this Thursday. Lets watch and support our badminton players who are now playing in the Indonesian Open.

Lets be rational, matured adults. Lets show our love to Malaysia. Malaysia have been kind to us. No one could dispute that. Please remember that.


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