Friday, July 24, 2009

SAM - Selecting A Man (or woman)

The Sportswriters Association of Malaysia (SAM) will hold its EGM on 15th August 2009 to elect new office bearers.

My name had - on several occasions - being mentioned, linked and rumoured when the election was brought up as topic of conversation within the local sportswriters’ fraternity. I am indeed, and truly, honoured.

SAM, which was founded 39 years ago, has enjoyed many glorious moments, and I believe, will be able to once again scale the height of recognition, if and when a committed team is in place.

I heard that there are a lot of activities going on now. I would not be able to comment much, for I am not privy to many of it. But one thing for sure, the sudden surge of interest amongst friends to become SAM members again, is encouraging.

Like a Malay saying, BERSATU KITA TEGUH, BERCERAI KITA ROBOH (together we are strong, apart we are doomed?)

The fun has just started!


Anonymous said...

tahniah mr president!

abg memang terbaik

Anonymous said...

Is this the start of your campaign? hehehe

Have fun blogging

Fowler is God but Torres is the new Almighty (u tau lah siapa ni)

Anonymous said...

welcome to top gun.

for the game. for the world.