Sunday, July 26, 2009

The 'giant killers'?

Che Mat and Alan Rickman's Snape

In the latest installment of Harry Potter's movie - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Professor Severus Snape kills the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, in what appear to be an act of betrayal by him.

I never read any of Potter's books, but must say that I enjoy all the six films so far.

Why mentioned the killing? I just thought Snape is one brave guy, killing the most popular headmaster the Hogwarts School has ever had. All for what we later will find out to be for the greater good of the school and all the good guys.

With the conclusion of the Super League when Selangor were crowned champions, yesterday night (even though several matches still to be played) Datuk Che Mat Jusoh, chairman of the FAM Local Competitions Committee, now has the option to follow what Snape did in order to help local football not continue to be the butt of jokes.

What he must do? Che Mat must first find the courage to convince his committee members that Pahang - the team from the President's state - deserve and should be relegated to the lower league.

Whatever league format they use next season, two bottom teams from Super League this season must be relegated.

FAM was 'guilty' on two occasions - when they changed the league format whenever Pahang was supposed to be relegated. I can't remember exactly the first one, but the second was at the end of 2004 season, when Pahang keep their place in the newly-launched Super League in the following season after winning the specially-designed playoff.

To be fair, Che Mat was not the chairman of the committee then. Maybe this time, he and his members will behave differently. And maybe this time, they will choose only deserving teams to be in the top league next season. No more enlarging the league or arranging special playoff just to accommodate certain 'preferred team’.

I am not a gambling man, but even if I am, I will not bet for it to happen. Let's wait and see...


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Under World. 2b fair & 2b Honest send Pahang to the 2nd tier. Che Mat Jusoh must be brave & pls don't be another Kaki Ampu!!! We had enough of them in this country esp. in sports fraternity.

Kaki terjah said...

Kalau Che Mat Jusoh ni telus dan berani, dia tak kan tiru gaya zaman Raja Ahmad Zainuddin dulu. Masa tu Pahang turun liga perdana, tapi ubah format.

Tahun depan kalau nak ubah format sekalipun, pastikan Pahang dan PDRM turun.

Macam mana bola nak maju kalau pentadbirnya kuat bodek dan kaki ampu?

Yg Berang said...

congratulations Bro!
Benda2 macam ni dah banyak kali berlaku. Apabila melibatkan pasukan Pahang dan Selangor pasti ada saja perubahan, demi menyelamatkan pasukan tersebut dari 'terjatuh' ke liga bawahan.
Ayuh Che Mat Jusoh, lakukan sesuatu demi Bolasepak negara!

Anonymous said...

Kadang kadang jangan lupa. SU Agung boleh mainkan peranan untuk mempengaruhi JKuasa supaya buat keputusan itu dan ini. Cari makan beb....

Devinder said...

The first instance Pahang were saved from playing in the second division was in 1988. It was originally decided that the cut-off for the 1989 Semi-Pro Div 1 would be the top-8 finishers of the 1988 league i.e. the Malaysia Cup qualifiers. But some reason or another, Div 1 was expanded to nine teams with eight others sent to Div 2. Any you guessed it, Pahang finished ninth in the table in 1988.