Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I beg to differ, LC

I have high regard for my close friend, blogger Loose Cannon. My respect for him are enormous and huge. He knows that. As friends, we are close. But we quarrel a lot too. Professionally, that is.

Today, my friend Loose Cannon feels that Sports Minister, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek has erred when he announced the move to send our National Under 23 players to England for attachment stint.

I would, however, like to give this Minister a benefit of doubt.

Yes, the same thing had been done before, in fact, countless times by different Sports Ministers who happen to need some publicity or to justify their 'shopping trip' to England.

This time around, as mentioned by the Minister, the emphasis will be on the effort to secure trial period with clubs in Europe. If the players are good enough, then clubs are free to sign them. No worries about contractual obligations or compensation payment, because FAM and Ministry own this players after 'buying out' their contracts from state or club teams.

For a start, a group of 30 players will be identified.

A friend of mine used to say 'you can't expect different results by doing the same thing.' True. But don't you think its too early for us to criticise when we dont really know what will they be doing?

We are pessimistic when it comes to our football. Remember the lesson from Vientiane? How many actually dare to predict confidently that we will win the gold medal in Laos? My esteemed colleague himself predict their challenge will end at the group stage. But we, pleasantly, were proven wrong.

I would like togive this idea a chance. Let's see what difference can this Minister bring to these approach. If he later proves to be just another 'shopping trip' minister, then we will know what to do.

* I am, however, opposed to the idea of putting the under-23 football team under the 'Road to London 2012' program. That is going too far in term of ridiculous idea, Mr Minister!


rizal hashim said...

OK la bro, my mistake to comment purely based on media reports! but also the Minister and his team have to make sure they get the right message and angle across!

Anonymous said...

"I would like togive this idea a chance. Let's see what difference can this Minister bring to these approach. If he later proves to be just another 'shopping trip' minister, then we will know what to do."
..kahkahkah.. blh bagi peluang..sebab duit blh dpt balik..masa blh undur balik..lepas election org lain plk jadi menteri.."selamat mencuba bro" selagi dunia blm kiamat...kahkahkah

Doctor Romario said...

Very happy KBS has decided to provide even more funding for FAMs short and long term projects...however...we must use our wisdom as well.

Great start to Year 2010 for Malaysia Super Tigers.

For the Game. For the World.

Anonymous said...

Mr President / Mr LC..pls advice the minister, FAM Dep. President & NSC DG accordingly. I think three of them almost snile & almost 'lupa daratan' just becoz' of a single gold medal. Just imagine U23 team to be attached to Manchester Academy....ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

who are the guys who make the decision, none of them are technical people and please lah , under 23 have no chance to play wek in and week out in a competitive league in europe, spend the money on youth leagues in the country.

Olympic Gold Medalist said...

aiyoh...malaysia team in europe. juz imagine the cost the tax payers have to bear??? how much $$$ will go to their cost and the rest go to others pockets (agents and 3rd parties). Please lar...their presence are needed in Malaysia and their families...who will be left to fend for themselves.

Pls don't be like the previous minister and purge the MSN bank...

If they can't even be the best regionally...Asian Football...what else can they do?

A gold in SEA games is not a measure...win more games regionally and not in friendlies - but in the real games and get up from the present ranking, phps then it's worthwhile...if not it going to be a sheer waste of money and at the taxpayers expenses.