Thursday, December 3, 2009

I told you so!

All troubled teams, magically, had settled all their dues in record time to be allowed to play in next season's M-League.

That's the conclusion that I could made when FA of Malaysia Competitions Committee confirmed no teams will be barred from competing. But do I believe it? That's a different story.

Read the announcement, here.


MatRock said...

Ada pasukan yang terang-terang mengaku hutang lama yang masih belum dilangsaikan adalah semasa pentadbiran lama.

Kalau ikut arahan FAM, hutang tetap hutang dan perlu diselesaikan tak kira lah sapa yang buat taik dulu.

Dah sah masih ada team yang masih belum selesaikan hutang mereka pun FAM dah confirmkan semua pasukan layak bermain.

Itulah FAM yang sebenar!

Doctor Romario said...

Perhaps they are paying by instalemnt.

For the Game. For the World.

Anonymous said...

Magic nye! out of sudden all dues get paid! Ask the affected players, are they got the money? Letter of undertaking seems to be enough 4 FAM? Senangnya! Saja nak buat gempaq kut, sebab tak ad succes story nak buat.
Bro, as you & others predicted earlier, the result still the same.


KakiBola said...

it's all expected. nothing's new and i believe everyone knows that this thing will happen. how can they suspend teams that are represented in the council. haha...